Fun with fiber

gray fleece

  Read on to learn more about the process of washing a fleece…   Sorting a gray Shetland ram fleece – the color ranges from light gray to deep charcoal.   When doing a spinning/shearing demo, observers often ask “Could I get enough yarn from a fleece to knit a sweater?” The answer: out of this… 

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War of 1812 Muster at Venoge


Loom Hall recently spent a weekend in 1812! It was an exciting time at Musee de Venoge’s War of 1812 Muster event. The weekend also included hearth cooking and domestic arts demonstrations. Peggy wove cotton sacking on a barn-frame loom, which would have been used to make bags in which to store seeds from crops… 

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Fruits of winter


The snowy weather has been a good motivator to stay near the loom and work on projects for my 2015 show season. I’m looking forward to the Kalamazoo Living History Show in Michigan in March and Mack’s New Market at the Red Barn in September, among others. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find if… 

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